Gartu in the Kindergarten

Welcome to the magical world of Gartu. Enjoy diving into incredible adventures in the tree house with over 20 educational mini-games.

“Gartu in the kindergarten” is featured by Apple in the App Store’s educational and kids game categories in over 200 countries, including USA, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, China, Japan and the UK.

Fun and education in one game

Over 20 educational mini-games in each level, full of surprises, many stories and original songs. Recognize colours, draw, play hide and seek, put in order different objects with different shapes and sizes or learn to differentiate between sounds and how to recognize savage animals among many other games.

An adventure full of colour

Music and entertainment for the smallest of the house with never-ending hidden surprises that the kid will discover along the three levels and over 20 challenges that the game is divided into. Play and complete all the levels and discover the 4 Super Games where you will find even more entertainment!.

“Gartu in the Kindergarten” is the first game for iOS in which all activities have been developed by teachers and educational science experts from the Eurocolegio Casvi in Madrid, what guarantees that its didactic content is exactly the one recommended for kids in infant school stages.

Some of the educational objectives included are:

  • Recognizing the four basic colors & identifying shapes
  • Basic concepts of spatial orientation
  • Quantifiers (long / short) & notion of quantity
  • Size of objects & relation between opposites
  • Dotted horizontal, vertical and circular
  • Body schema & Home units
  • Identification of family members
  • Christmas and Seasons
  • Domestic and wild animals
  • Auditory discrimination
  • Good manners

A game by CMY Multimedia & Up iGames

“Gartu in the Kindergarten” is a game developed with CMY Multimedia, a software company created by Eurocolegio Casvi in Madrid. Eurocolegio Casvi is an officially approved, independent, mixed private school. It was founded in 1985 and is equipped with all the means required for QUALITY private schooling. The school arose from an integral educational and cultural project based on the belief that education is the foundation for or transformation that leads to a better quality of life for individuals as social beings and members of the community.

You can also download and try out 4 mini-games in the free version. It will help you to discover this magical world that is the delight of little ones. Fun and education in one game.


“The fact that everything in the game switches over when you switch the language is great. Everything from the story to the singing switches over to the selected language. The images are professionally illustrated, and the music and sounds are also well done.”

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