The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood

"The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood". Discover a new concept, "Tale&Adventure": A graphic adventure like an interactive book.

5 stars on Apple App Store

The Adventures of Little Red Riding HoodApple App Store5

This is the first volume on Up iGames “Tale&Adventure”, that combines adventure games with a format of a book, to create a new genre.

Help Little Red Riding Hood

Go visit her grandmother and carry her some food that she had in the basket. And be careful with the hungry wolf. Guide Little Red Riding Hood, she need your help to complete her adventure. Discover the difference between pass a page and play and discover how to pass a page, with this great interactive adventure.


A new child graphic adventures. Looks like a book, but it’s a graphic adventure when the children must find the way to turn the page, exploring each one and passing tests like find the way on the maze of the woods.

  • You can read the story in English or Spanish
  • Choose to read it a father or a mother
  • Play amazing games couples, silhouettes, puzzles and discover the differences at any moment.

“The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood” has full support on the new iPad with Retina Display, with awesome 2048×1536 graphics full of details and beauty.

Prepared for iOS 7

Adapted and tested with the latest version of the most advanced mobile operating system. iOS is the foundation of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This new iOS 7 takes full advantage of technologies in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to push the iOS experience further. A better, more delightful experience overall.


“The closest thing to a tale on paper, as it has evolved with the new iPad Retina display in mind, reaching a maximum resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels”

José Carlos Castillo (

“That touch of home is one of the main values ​​of a story that, besides reading, exploits the value of music, pictures, games and interactivity”

María Saínz (

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